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Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow

With over 20 years nursing experience in various specialised sectors including mental health, I, Lesley Ann Derbyshire, offers a holistic approach, encompassing therapeutic counselling, hypnotherapy, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming ) life and career coaching, ideally catering to problems and issues individuals have had in their daily lives through no fault of their own. These may include panic attacks, anxiety, stress, depression, phobias, addictions, social anxiety, social isolation, bullying, lack of self esteem, self confidence and self worth to name but a few. I tackle all of these debilitating issues head on - with fast and effective results.

The therapies I use are termed ‘Inside Out’ due to the fact that they have already been developed and changed for the better to work for thousands of people world-wide.

Meet your Coach, Lesley Ann Derbyshire.

ON Glasgow’s south side.

My business has derived from my professional and personal life experiences. My passion, drive and strength comes from watching the transformation of each individual I help and to be able to permanently dissolve issues that have plagued people's daily lives with simple but effective techniques.

To be part of helping individuals realise there is light at the end of the tunnel and to guide them to stay out their own way long enough to realise they are only one thought away from their own well being.

I have vast experience both professionally and personally in social, personal and professional issues that hold people back in their everyday life. These issues may not appear problematic to friends, colleagues and family members however can be a daily struggle for the individual suffering (in most cases) in silence.

I get to the root of the problem with a skilled set of tools and a very non judgemental approach which instantly puts my clients at ease.

Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow

Lesley Ann Derbyshire.


The results are overwhelming and to change a life within a short space of time by changing their mindset is in a word “awesome.”

Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow

Make That Change

With Lesley Ann Derbyshire, Glasgow

Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow

Break Free From The Chains

Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow

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Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow

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