Clinical Hypnotherapy, Glasgow.


A Different Perspective


Feeling stressed, anxious, overloaded with pressures to live up to our current society's expectations ? If the answer is yes, which believe it or not is the answer of the majority, then stop, take a couple of deep breathes in and look around yourself, wherever you may be, look at the sky, look at whatever is in your viewpoint, look at other people passing by, they are probably rushing too, stressed, pre-occupied with manifesting thoughts and worries that are debilitating their every day lives.

Do you see the similarities? Are you one of the many who are struggling to just get through each day, existing instead of actually living? If the answer is yes then I can and will change that for you in one or a few sessions of hypnotherapy catering to specific needs of each client as “one size does not fit all and we pride ourselves on solely focusing on what you want.


Hypnotherapists are not hypnotists on the stage performing an entertaining show and having people barking like dogs. We are a professional organisation who take the time to absorb and listen to our clients and to exactly what is holding them back from living to their true potential and getting them there with a skilled set of tools.

I personally have learned from one of the leading hypnotherapists in the country, Hazel Thomson. Hazel describes herself as an ‘eclectic hypnotherapist’ who draws on a variety of techniques and tools including NLP to bring about desired rapid transformation for the client.

Hazel is passionate about helping others and I am proud to say I have been taught by, and am still learning from one of the best.


Life Coaching, Glasgow.


Empower Yourself.

Make, meet and exceed your goals in both your personal and professional life WITH LIFE COACHING.

Do you know what and where you want to go yet somehow are struggling as to where to start?

Perhaps you don’t know or are undecided about what you want or what path (if any) to follow?

Do you want to speed up your personal growth, evolution, transformation and experience a deep sense of fulfilment and happiness?

Do you truly want to take charge and be in control of your life and answer to no one else but you?

If you wake up, dragging yourself to work and constantly question yourself, why are you doing this? Why do you have to do this?

If you are running a business to give you the kind of freedom you want, but it is giving you the opposite of what you want.

Have you always wanted to travel the world, and have the financial strength to support your expenses?

Does your lifestyle require you more time than what you can afford to put aside right now?

Do you want to work only 4 hours a day or less?

Do you have a special someone whom you want to be strong enough to provide for the rest of your life?

Hypnotherapy Near Me Glasgow

If the answer is yes to one or all of the above … then let me open up your mind and guide you to where you want to go, what you want to do and achieve what you want from find what has always been there and just needed a nudge in the right direction.

I don’t have all the answers, however you do and with a skilled set of tools I can open your mind and access them.

Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow

Life can only be understood backwards.

But it must be lived forwards - Soren Kierkegaard


NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Glasgow.

Reset your mind, communicate to get what you have always wanted, heal emotional pain from your past and change your future. Sounds too good to be true eh? Yet, the only person stopping you from changing your life is you.

NLP shows you how to get out your own way …

long enough to quieten the voices in your head, those thoughts that can manifest the past, future and present! Sounds familiar, however the truth is you are only one thought away from your own wellbeing

Activating and changing the most powerful part of us, our brain and that starts with our imagination.

We cannot create what we cannot imagine