Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow

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Below are just a small selection of testimonials from people, just like you, that I have already helped.

Lesley made me feel very comfortable and before I knew it I was telling her everything about my marriage breakdown, my insecurities, my overthinking and she made me realise I was not the one to blame and my thoughts and reactions were completely normal. I will be seeing Lesley again and highly recommend her.
— Lester
Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow
Lesley made me feel completely comfortable and at ease, since the moment I met her. Could not recommend this lovely lady enough. She has helped me through my anxiety and OCD and I can feel a change in my behaviour and thought processes already. Very very helpful and understanding. Very glad I decided to pick Lesley.
— Lynne
Lesley has made me open up to my problems and talk about them while making me feel more confident also feel like I can tell her anything and she helps with problems I have told her
— Aidan
Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow

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Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow
Weight loss through virtual gastric banding has had good results, hopefully, the weight will stay off as other weight loss programmes have failed due to heavy doses of medication daily. Lesley really knows her stuff - why not give her a go?
— CF
Lesley was great in dealing with my driving anxiety. I have now gone out driving with no issues. Would highly recommend.

— Lynn
Lesley Ann Derbyshire Hypnotherapy Glasgow
I have been a heavy smoker for 35 years and have tried everything and one of my work colleagues whose wife had quit told me about this girl who did hypnotherapy and so I thought why not. I had one session 3 weeks ago and I am still baffled. I haven’t even thought about smoking and am so proud and happy to now be a non-smoker.
— D. Mack